Legal Notice

Protection of personal data

A processing of personal data is implemented for the recruitment operation proposed on this site. This data processing complies with the provisions of:

  • Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, as amended by the Act of 06 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data;
  • Decision No. 02-017 of 21 March 2002 adopting a recommendation on the collection and processing of nominative information in recruitment operations.

Mention is made in a regulatory register held by AltéAd and made available to the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms.

1. Purposes of treatment

The information collected on the form is intended for a regular recruitment operation carried out by the human resources department of AltéAd, which prohibits any other processing purpose.

2. Information collected and processed

The Internet user is obliged to deposit personal data by replying to the form that is proposed to him. The entry of this information is necessary for the processing of his application.

These data are: civility - surname - First name - Email - Mobile phone. This information is supplemented by the attachment of a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation. The absence of any such information can not result in the application being successful.

In view of the provisions of the deliberation n ° 02-017 of March 21, 2002 and the law of January 6, 1978, AltéAd does not implement automated processing of personal information in the context of the recruitment operation.

3. Duration of data storage

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, as set out in Resolution No. 02-017 of 21 March 2002, the retention period for the personal information of candidates who have applied for recruitment does not exceed two years from the date of the last contact, Whether or not the application was successful.

This measure is applicable regardless of the form in which candidate information is retained, whether processing personal data or manual files.

4. Recipients of information

The host and / or the publisher of the website transmit the personal data collected on the form directly to the AltéAd. None of this information is disclosed to third parties.

La Sté AltéAd uses this personal data solely within the human resources department and undertakes not to communicate any of this information to third parties without the prior and informed consent of the candidate.

5 - Information and access rights For the purpose of verifying the accuracy of the data and, if necessary, having them corrected or deleted, a candidate may ask AltéAd to disclose all the data concerning him. This communication may be obtained by writing to:

  • AltéAd Company
  • To the attention of the person in charge of the processing of personal data
  • 7, rue du Château de Bel Air - BP 30510 44475 CARQUEFOU Cedex.

The application must be accompanied by a copy of an identity document. The candidate is informed that a manifestly unreasonable request will not be granted.

6 - Security

The hosting company and / or the publisher of the site take all necessary precautions to preserve the security and the integrity of the nominative information deposited in the form.

The AltéAd Company implements physical and logical security measures in order to preserve the security of the processing and the information, to prevent them from being deformed, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties.

7 - Composition of the legal notices related to the protection of the personal data on the site "AltéAd Recruitment"

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