Heavy and Complex Handling

The heavy or complex handling of loads weighing 50 kg to 8,000 T requires special expertise and equipment. It is based on manual handling, shifting, jacking and hoisting skill sets. Developed by our design offices and produced by our teams, we roll out these solutions in France and around the world.

Heavy and complex handling

Our handling services will adapt to the equipment that you want to move or assemble. Our trained teams can perform the following actions for loads ranging from 50 kg to more than 2,500 T:

  • Manual handling
  • Heavy handling
    • Shifting
    • Jacking
    • Hoisting

Our material resources and our teams’ experience allow us to adapt to your equipment’s access ways, configurations and types.

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  • Vérins, tire-fort, pistes de ripage Material resources
  • Compétences techniques fortes Unique know-how
  • Qualité et sécurité des chantiers Safety site

Manual handling

To install semi-heavy equipment on the ground floor or an upper storey, our teams use manual carrying techniques that comply with health and safety standards for personnel and property.

Heavy handling

For more than 20 years now, AltéAd has had mechanical handling, assembly, mechanics and hydraulics skills and resources, enabling us to perform the most complex vertical and horizontal handling, up to 8,000 tonnes via shifting.

Jacking, hoisting and shifting

To lift, hoist or shift a machine, a bridge deck, a transformer, a block or any other materials weighing 500 kg to more than 8,000 T (by shifting), our equipment combines with our teams’ skill sets to perform those actions under our complete control.

Jacking equipment: Single- and double-acting jacks with a capacity of 10 to 400 tonnes, four-speed power packs and variable speed drives, plus bracing systems including 1,800 timber cribs.

Hoisting equipment: 10-200 T linear hydraulic winches, six power packs dedicated to hoisting, a 300 T load testing station and 12-20 T hand-operated gantries.

Shifting equipment: 50-200 T unit shifting tracks, power packs dedicated to travelling, 14 push-pull jacks with a capacity of 50 or 200 T, air cushion systems, hydraulic clamp winches and timber crib bracing systems.

  • We accompany our clients whatever the complexity or the site of the site.

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