Our training school

In 2004, AltéAd created an internal training school, which provides both the majority of security training and training in response to the specific characteristics of the Group's businesses and customer requirements.

Customized trainings

Our customers and our sectors of activity are constantly changing, AltéAd is constantly adapting itself by changing its employees. AltéAd is a group of technical services to the industry. Its added value stems from the know-how, experience and culture of its men and women. As a result, training is an essential component of the Group's strategy.

Training policy

The role of internal training was expanded when Marchal Technologies took over in 2015. Two AltéAd training centers coexist today and trainers travel throughout France to dispense and enforce the good Practices of our businesses and the Group in the branches.

The training school now offers three types of training:

  • Required trainings (CACES trolley, aerial bucket, health and safety, etc)
  • Transport prevention training (stowage, safe driving, eco-driving, etc.)
  • Customer product trainings (on customer product lines)