Our values

Five core values form the backbone of the AltéAd Group. They are expressed in all of the services and projects carried out by our teams every day.


Pictogramme valeur humaine ALtéAd

People at the heart of the system

Continuously pushing boundaries is only possible through the passion, devotion and enthusiasm displayed each day by the women and men of the AltéAd Group.

Pictogramme sécurité de nos collaborateur

Employee safety

Protecting our staff is a top priority. Staff awareness and support through special training and the provision of adequate equipment are ongoing concerns for us.

Pictogramme sûreté des biens et des données

Confidentiality of goods and data

The protection of goods and data is a subject to which we pay constant attention. The AltéAd Group’s 360° solutions provide a guarantee of this protection.

Pictogramme développement durable AltéAd


Since its creation, the AltéAd Group has always taken a constant environmental approach, namely by modernizing our equipment, providing training on fuel-efficient driving and systematically sorting and recycling waste.

Pictogramme adaptabilité AltéAd


For more than 20 years, 2,500 employees have been committed each day to carrying out bespoke services and complex assignments in the interest of meeting challenges and satisfying our clients’ expectations.