Our Positioning

We operate at every stage in your supply chain: logistics, storage, packaging, transport, lifting, handling, installation and maintenance. AltéAd’s integrated solutions boost your performance.

Site logistics

Managing the largest industrial site logistics contracts, AltéAd has spent 20 years developing integrated upstream and downstream production flow management solutions, from a perspective of continuously improving their quality, safety and effectiveness.

Installation logistics

AltéAd is the only group capable of offering a portfolio of services including the storage, packaging, transport, installation and activation of the products and goods entrusted to us.

These unique solutions, guaranteed by our teams’ high performance levels, the quality of our equipment and the flow traceability we offer, can boost your supply chain through a diverse range of services.

International services

Through our facilities abroad and our partnerships, AltéAd now offers one of the only portfolios that guarantee fully integrated door-to-door services.