Our International Presence

AltéAd is willing and able to support your projects around the world. Through our facilities and our network of partners, the Group has developed integrated logistics solutions on every continent.

European port operations

Thanks to our hub in Antwerp, our national presence and our European partnerships, AltéAd is the only group capable of offering comprehensive logistics solutions for arrivals and departures at all the ports of Europe. 

European distribution network

AltéAd provided the impetus for creating TENESO, the leading European network for 100% integrated high-tech distribution covering more than 20 countries. The TENESO network is active in the fields of Healthcare and Research, office Equipment and Vending Machines.

Subsidiaries in Africa

After being active on the continent for a number of years, AltéAd stepped up our presence in Africa by opening subsidiaries in Cameroon, Congo and Morocco. Developed following the same model as AltéAd Europe, they have their own resources and local teams that guarantee the quality and safety of our operations in accordance with the highest international standards.